Tank Level Pro BTE – Trouble Shooting Guide

1. Check that the Serial Number is entered correctly.
   a. Serial Number should look like 220601#### and is always 10 digits.
2. Location setting on your phone are turned on.

3. App Permissions are set correctly, with Location and nearby devices on.

4. Bluetooth is turned on.
5. Shut Down the App
6. Ensure the Plug is secured tightly into the ‘Water Drop Sender Unit’, the plug needs to be
secured before the battery is removed.
7. Remove the battery from the Water Drop Sender and wait for 1 minute.
8. Reinsert the battery and wait for 1 minute.
9. Open the Tank Level Pro App back up and wait for 30s.
10. Data should now be showing on your phone.
11. If not call David Booth any time on 0497 386 505 for immediate assistance.

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