Environmental Policy

At Fully Tanked Up, we are committed to sustainability and actively seek ways to reduce our environmental impact in all areas of our business. We strive to be a leader in green business practices and ensure that our products, packaging, and operations are as eco-friendly as possible.

We recognize that our operations influence the environment, both directly and indirectly. Our policy is to adhere to all applicable environmental regulations and laws, while simultaneously striving for continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

We will promote the use of renewable resources, whenever feasible. All materials used by us will be sourced with their associated environmental impacts taken into consideration. We will endeavour to source materials from suppliers with proven track records of responsible environmental management systems.
We will ensure that the design of our products takes into consideration energy efficiency and the use of natural resources that can be recycled or reused. We also pledge to minimize waste produced during manufacturing processes; wherever possible we will reuse or recycle materials or turn them into new resources instead of disposing them as waste.

Packaging is always a significant part of our company’s carbon footprint, and we take this responsibility seriously. We have made commitments to become part of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) and provide baseline packaging data information as well as sustainable packaging options for all new products. As such, we must provide material composition and weight information on all new product packaging, making sure it does not become detrimental to the environment after serving its primary purpose.

Additionally, plastic strapping will only be used, when necessary, on boxes with a gross weight of 14kg or higher; clear recyclable plastics are encouraged while single-use plastic packaging is not acceptable under any circumstances. Through maintaining comprehensive operations policies, training staff regularly on eco-friendly protocols, conducting regular reviews and audits, using energy efficient technology where available, reducing air pollutants through remote working schemes; these are just some examples of how Fully Tanked Up strive for excellence in sustainable development initiatives within our organisation.

In order to maintain maximum efficiency within these goals we pledge to continue research into new standards in best practice when it comes to corporate sustainability plans so that we may continue delivering excellent service without comprising the planet’s delicate balance between human activity and continued biodiversity.

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