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Our humble beginnings started in our backyard. One day, the pool water level was low and needed refilling. The rainwater tank had some water in it but was it enough? It was a frequent question that was only answered by guesses. Upon deciding that there was a need for a water tank sensor, an online search ensued, only to be disappointed with the one Bluetooth water tank sensor available. It was difficult to install and was not as efficient as it claimed to be. It was frustrating indeed.

I thought to myself, “Many homeowners probably have the same dilemma.” I saw this as an opportunity to design my own device – an affordable, effective, and easy-to-install rainwater tank sensor.

Using my 20+ years of experience as an industrial electrician and working as an electrical engineer for two years, I created a water level sensor. The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth is the only sensor you will ever need. It has incredibly accurate sensors, so you no longer have to guess how long your water will last. It’s a better alternative to mechanical float switches that some homeowners still use.

Today, we’re focusing on Chittering, Toodyay, Northam, Gingin, and Byford customers. Once the business expands, we’ll be ready to handle a much bigger production, providing products and services Australia-wide.

Why We Do

What We Do

Having worked as an electrician and electrical engineer for over 22 years combined, my passion lies in all things electrical. Throughout my entire adult life, I have worked with electrical control, cabling, and sensors. Fully Tanked Up is not only a result of those several years of experience but also an opportunity to do what I have always been passionate about without being away from my family.

I worked FIFO for a long time, which meant there were periods when I could not go home. As they say, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Not only do we have a smart, reliable product, but I also get to spend time with my family. It’s a win-win!

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our team at info@fullytankedup.com



We take our strong commitment to our customers and value seriously, which we believe makes us a unique business. Our product was created to make everything easy for customers, from installation to monitoring and maintenance. When a customer enquires, a human (not a bot) will answer the phone or email. Have a technical question? We won’t just give you an answer – we’ll provide you with the right one.

In the unlikely event that the unit fails within the 12-month warranty, we will fix or replace it. With our customers at the forefront, we can guarantee 100% satisfaction in both service and product.

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