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The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth level sensor is an excellent choice for those looking for an accurate, easy-to-install water tank level sensor. The sensor fits tanks of all sizes and is made of industrial grade material, making it a versatile option for all water tank applications. The Bluetooth level sensor has a working range of fifty meters and with a battery life of 36 months, you can be confident that the sensor will provide reliable level readings for an extended period. In addition, the Tank Level Pro Bluetooth level sensor comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.



The Tank Level Pro BT App is essential for anyone who wants to keep track of their water tank level. With a simple set-up procedure, you will be able to see your water tank level in a matter of minutes. The app also has some excellent features, such as water tank level historical charts, water tank leakage detection and water tank estimated time to empty. You will be amazed at how quick and simple the process is, with all your water tank information displayed in a user-friendly format. So don’t wait any longer, download the Tank Level Pro BT App today!

Great product, hope the history function gets fixed.
Martin Scerri
Martin Scerri
Easy installation (fortunately I had hole pre-drilled in my concrete inground tank from previous installation), setup of app very easy, accurate readings, no hassle inputting data into app. Overall quality very good. So far very happy with the device.
Damien McDonnell
Damien McDonnell
Handy easy little device to track your tank levels. Got more than one tank to monitor add another.
Phillip Tremewen
Phillip Tremewen
Needed exactly what they had and they made it easy to answer all my future problems. Thanks Mickhel
Helen C
Helen C
Great company and staff are great!!

App Instructions

Search for the Tank Level Pro App on the iOS or Android App Store

  1. Search TankLvlPro
  2. Once Installed open the App
  3. Once in the App press “Add”
  4. Enter Tank details of your tank and press “Finish”. The 10-digit serial number is found on the back of the Tank Level Pro
  5. The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth App, once installed, is super easy to use

Installation Instructions

For Sealed Tanks (Drilling Required)

  1. Drill a 20mm hole into the top of the water tank lid, ensuring that the lid is open to avoid debris going into the tank
  2. If there is no water tank lid, inspection hatch, or any access to the internal of the tank, a 32mm hole can be drilled and the transducer lowered into the tank through the hole
  3. Pull the transducer cable plug back through the hole, with the stainless-steel transducer in the tank, and secure the grommet around the cable. Place rubber grommet into the hole to seal. The grommet suits both 20mm and 32mm holes
  4. Secure the plug into the Tank Level Pro, ensuring that the location tab and pins are aligned on the plug and socket
  5. Tighten the securing screw on to the socket
  6. Open the battery compartment and remove the insulation tabs to connect the battery
  7. Secure the Tank Level Pro on the outside of the water tank with inbuilt magnets or the Velcro
  8. Download the App from the iOS or Android Play Store, searching for tanklvlpro
  9. App setup is simple, but further instructions can be found by following the QR Code below

For Corrugated Tanks (No Drilling Required)

  1. Place stainless steel transducer into tank and thread plug through the corrugation in the tank roof. In some instances, the transducer plug may not fit through the corrugations, and a screw may have to be loosened, this can be re-tightened once the plug is through
  2. Follow steps 4 to 9 for Sealed Tanks
  3. For detailed instructions and more information about our product, please visit our websitehttps://fullytankedup.com/

App Advanced

The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth is extremely accurate; however, this can only be as good as the data placed into the App and where your device is placed in the tank. Please follow the simple procedure below to calibrate your device:

  1. Click ‘Manage’ on your App
  2. Press the calibrate button
  3. Enter the calibration value
  4. The calibration value is displayed on the Manage Tank page

18 reviews for Tank Level Pro Bluetooth

  1. 18 reviews


    Excellent product and customer service

  2. 18 reviews


    Love love love! Awesome product! No more climbing ladders or trying to get the level by tapping the side of the tank, we can just sit inside and check the level on our phone.

  3. 18 reviews


    Excellent water tank level sensor…..was very surprised at how easy it was to install…..no tooling needed at all…..keep up the great work!

  4. 18 reviews


    Really great product….we are using this on the farm and have 3 water tanks. No tools required for installation and no sign up fees….couldn’t be happier

  5. 18 reviews


    Great product, easy to use and install, customer service is great as well

  6. 18 reviews


    Excellent product and so easy to use and set up

  7. 18 reviews

    Emma C

    i found your product extremely easy to use and set up

  8. 18 reviews


    really good product…i would look at look into how you select between different tanks on the app…..we have 3 water level sensors, all in all a great product though

  9. 18 reviews


    Great water level sensor at a reasonable price

  10. 18 reviews


    Customer service was good….answered questions quickly

  11. 18 reviews


    Great customer service

  12. 18 reviews

    Pete M

    Love the product…..the water level sensors really were easy to install, would have given 5*, but one of the products did not reach down to the bottom of the bore hole. It was returned with no questions asked!!!

  13. 18 reviews

    Dan B

    So happy we finally got a water tank level indicator to fit in our underground tank, we have been trying for years to find one….well done FTU!!!!!

  14. 18 reviews


    Thank you so much for our water tank level sensor, we appreciate the time you took to answer our questions and even answer our call. Excellent product and highly recommended!!!!

  15. 18 reviews

    Courtney (verified owner)

    Really happy with my tank level pro. Great customer service.

  16. 18 reviews

    Warren Morris (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Simple setup and seems very easy to use. Thanks!

  17. 18 reviews

    Jerry (verified owner)

    6 months in and the system is working great. Easy to install and monitor at a glance with the App. Thank you.

  18. 18 reviews

    Kristie (verified owner)

    This device takes the stress of “how much water do we have left?” away. After researching tank monitoring devices for about 6 months and discovering many have limitations around number of tanks, size or shape of tanks or just don’t do underground tanks I found this product. It handles any type of tank as long as you know Height and Volume, it’s also easy to install even for the not so handy. The app is easy to read and not clogged with statistics you just don’t need. I will be buying more to monitor all my different sized and shaped tanks.

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