The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth is super easy to install, super accurate, and super easy to set up. Fits tanks of all sizes and tanks made of any material. With no hidden cost, no sign-up fee and 12 months warranty. The Bluetooth has a working range of 50 meters and with a battery life of 36 months you will always be Fully Tanked Up.


Download your Tank Level Pro BT App from the iOS or Android App Store. Once downloaded your water tank level will be displayed in a matter of minutes, with a simple set up procedure to follow. Once connected you will be able to enjoy all the great features and benefits of your Tank Level Pro Bluetooth, which include water tank level historical charts, water tank leakage detection and water tank estimated time to empty. You will be amazed at how quick and simple the process is, with all your water tank information clearly displayed in a user friendly format.

App Instructions

Search for the Tank Level Pro App on the iOS or Android App Store

  1. Search TankLvlPro
  2. Once Installed open the App
  3. Once in the App press “Add”
  4. Enter Tank details of your tank and press “Finish”. The 10-digit serial number is found on the back of the Tank Level Pro
  5. The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth App, once installed, is super easy to use

Installation Instructions

For Sealed Tanks (Drilling Required)

  1. Drill a 20mm hole into the top of the water tank lid, ensuring that the lid is open to avoid debris going into the tank
  2. If there is no water tank lid, inspection hatch, or any access to the internal of the tank, a 32mm hole can be drilled and the transducer lowered into the tank through the hole
  3. Pull the transducer cable plug back through the hole, with the stainless-steel transducer in the tank, and secure the grommet around the cable. Place rubber grommet into the hole to seal. The grommet suits both 20mm and 32mm holes
  4. Secure the plug into the Tank Level Pro, ensuring that the location tab and pins are aligned on the plug and socket
  5. Tighten the securing screw on to the socket
  6. Open the battery compartment and remove the insulation tabs to connect the battery
  7. Secure the Tank Level Pro on the outside of the water tank with inbuilt magnets or the Velcro
  8. Download the App from the iOS or Android Play Store, searching for tanklvlpro
  9. App setup is simple, but further instructions can be found by following the QR Code below

For Corrugated Tanks (No Drilling Required)

  1. Place stainless steel transducer into tank and thread plug through the corrugation in the tank roof. In some instances, the transducer plug may not fit through the corrugations, and a screw may have to be loosened, this can be re-tightened once the plug is through
  2. Follow steps 4 to 9 for Sealed Tanks
  3. For detailed instructions and more information about our product, please visit our website

App Advanced

The Tank Level Pro Bluetooth is extremely accurate; however, this can only be as good as the data placed into the App and where your device is placed in the tank. Please follow the simple procedure below to calibrate your device:

  1. Click ‘Manage’ on your App
  2. Press the calibrate button
  3. Enter the calibration value
  4. The calibration value is displayed on the Manage Tank page


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