Manufacturing and Subcontractor Policy


Fully Tanked Up’s Manufacturing and Subcontractor Policy provides a framework for suppliers and service providers to adhere to when providing goods or services for the company. This policy outlines the expectations for subcontracting, document maintenance and accuracy, as well as compliance with local laws.

All suppliers must obtain prior approval from Fully Tanked Up before making any changes to a product manufacturing site. Subcontracting is not allowed without the explicit authorization of Fully Tanked Up and any unauthorized subcontracting is considered a critical breach of this policy. Suppliers must guarantee that all subcontractors and third-party vendors providing materials or labour in the manufacture of products ordered by Fully Tanked Up are compliant with all relevant regulations, including but not limited to health and safety standards, environmental regulations, and labour law requirements.
Service providers must ensure that all subcontractors engaged to provide services to Fully Tanked Up comply with local law as well as all other policies outlined in this document. Furthermore, suppliers and service providers should always keep accurate records and documentation regarding the production of goods or services provided to Fully Tanked Up and must update such documents whenever necessary. All
documentation should include relevant information on date of delivery, quality control measures taken, customer feedback collected (if applicable), and employee working hours (if applicable).

In addition, if products are being assembled in multiple locations (subassembly centres), suppliers must communicate clearly about which location is being used for each part of the assembly process so that elements can be tracked easily. Suppliers must also make sure that their subassembly centres follow best practices in terms of safety procedures, work environment standards and employee rights.

Finally, it is expected that suppliers adhere to ethical business practices at all times when dealing with Fully Tanked Up: no bribes or other illegal activities are tolerated under any circumstances; employees should be treated fairly; appropriate wages should be paid; proper working conditions should be maintained; no discrimination against any group should occur; health benefits should be provided when necessary; child
labour laws should not be violated; environmental laws should be respected; workplace violence prevention measures should be implemented; data privacy protocols should be followed; financial fraud prevention policies should be established where applicable; conflict minerals sourcing policies should be followed where applicable.

Fully Tanked Up always expects full adherence to these rules by its suppliers to guarantee a safe working environment for both sides involved in its supply chain operations.

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