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10 Amazing Rainwater Harvesting Facts from the Water Tank Level Indicator Experts

1: A whopping 34% of Australian households, that are suitable for a rainwater tank, use them. This number has been steadily rising according to the ABS. The main reason for household not investing in rainwater tanks is the initial setup costs, even though the average family of 4 could save over $1200 per year off their water bill!

2: 44% of households outside capital cities utilize rainwater.

3: South Australia is currently leading the way with 86% of dwellings outside Adelaide using rainwater tanks. It is common for households in Adelaide and Brisbane to use a rainwater tank at home, and just 7% of households in Perth utilize rainwater tanks.

4: 49% of people installed their water tank to save water!

5: 79% of all Australian households took at least 1 step to try and save water during the previous 12 months, this is according to the ABS. These water saving initiatives range from swapping the Top loader washing machine to a front loader, or even changing the shower head to a more water friendly version.

6: Only 65% of Western Australians, using town water, were satisfied with their water quality. Nothing beats drinking water from the sky, and clearly most households are not happy with what they have been supplied

7: Australia is the driest continent on earth, with an average rainfall of about 470mm, almost half of the global average

8: The average Australian consumes a whopping 200 liters of water per day. This is a mind blowing amount of water and anything we can do to reduce this has to help. It is important to keep an eye on your water tank level, as an average family can consume a lot of water, even pools can lose up to 7mm of water a day due to evaporation. Look for a water tank level sensor that has historical data that you can trend back, this way you can monitor exactly what you and your family are using.

9: Climate change could see rainfall dry up by 50% in decades to come

10: In the next 20 years Australia’s population is forecast to grow by more than 20%

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