tank level water indicator with leakage

6 Alarming Facts About Water Leaks from The Water Tank Indicator Experts

The Leaky Truth

  1. Some studies suggest that 10% of homes have water leaks in their home totaling a whopping 200 litres a day!
  2. A pin hole leak in your rainwater tank has the potential to drain a full 100000 litres tank in a year!
  3. A leaking tap can cause water losses of a mind blowing 20,000 litres a year!
  4. A dripping rainwater tank, of only 5 drips per minute, will waste nearly 1000 litres a year
  5. What loves warm, damp, and dark areas? Our house eating enemies…. Termites!
  6. A consistent leak from your rainwater tank can cause substantial damage to the foundations of your tank and even your home!

Repairs and Preventative Action

  • Regular rainwater tank inspections – looking for damp wet areas can be the first sign of trouble. It is better to catch leaks as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of more costly repairs to your water tank
  • Most tanks can be repaired if the structure of the tank is still good. This could involve minor repairs on Polyethylene tanks or liner changes on metal and concrete tanks
  • For metal and concrete tanks, leaks can be fixed by replacing the internal liner, this can even be done on older tanks that are still structurally in a good condition. Costs can vary depending on the size the size and condition of your tank
  • To repair Polyethylene Tanks your water tank will have to be drained. Once your water tank level sensor is reading zero, the tank can be thoroughly cleaned, as this will yield the best results when the repair is done
  • Do it yourself repairs can be attempted on fittings and pipes, but more in-depth and challenging repairs should always be undertaken by a professional, especially if your household depends on the water in there
  • Purchase a rainwater tank level sensor that can detect water leaks, this way you can easily monitor your tank level and find out if you have any leaks detected. These range in price and quality, but expect to pay around $300 to $400
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